Our favorite places to fly drones in [Northern] Vermont

Our top five places to fly drones in Vermont.


FPV fields.jpg


(in no particular order)

#1 Tree Farm Soccer Complex (Directions)  Essex, VT

The Essex tree farm soccer complex fields offers a good mix of open area flying as well as trees, goal posts and a spacious parking lot to make as your obstacles.  The trees near the fields offer great opportunities for powerloops, which once you master you can graduate to powerlooping the very narrow soccer field signs.

#2 Maple Street Park (Directions) Essex, VT

Maple street park is a bit technical and has limited open space. Tight and technical. We recommend this to intermediate flyers. Utilize the scoreboards to fly through and around. Once you progress and get a feel for the field you can even powerloop the metal picnic area structure. (as seen at :17 seconds) Just be mindful of the power lines that run the length of the field(s)

#3 Williston Central School (Directions) Williston, VT

Williston Central School Park is the best kept secret for FPV flyers. This is a great spot that offers a mix of open area flying but also some volleyball nets, trees and gates to fly under. Be sure to get there early as this is a very active location which make have walkers and runners come up on path without notice. A spotter at this location is suggested. 

#4 Allen Brook School (Directions) Williston, VT

Allen Brook School has a great parking lot as well as tree lines and open fields to create your own course. You could easily spare 3-4 batteries on just the parking lot flying around the light posts and under the trees. Save a few batteries for the open fields behind the parking lots. Be mindful of any lone walkers on the nearby path that might be out for stroll. 

#5 Cairns Arena Soccer Fields (Directions) South Burlington, VT

The Cairns soccer fields are great for all skill levels, most of the area is open, but if you seek out obstacles to fly around then be sure to check out the baseball fields and the great metal structure that is just asking to be powerlooped. Be warned however that cars can be lurking around the parking lot and you wouldn't want to dent a car on your flying adventures. Be sure to check out the video below.