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Experience the thrill of flight with first person view on racing drones brought to you by BTV Drones.

We offer a wide and constantly changing selection of complete quadcopter kits for drone racing and aerial videography, as well as accessories to keep you in flight no matter what pilot experience you have! 


RTF Drones

Ready to fly drones in stock! Take off with starter, intermediate and professional fpv drones.

Batteries and Chargers

3S, 4S, 5S and even 6S lipo batteries for any drone pilot. Stock up now!


Fat Shark, Eachine goggles in stock for a first person view of your drone.


Lumenier, Runcam and GoPro FPV cameras for all your drone needs. Record in HD with the session or the Split 2 wifi edition.


Wild Willy, Le Drib, bot grinder and even Ummagawd hypetrain motors in stock.


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Why we love Racekraft props: 5" Tri-Blade Propeller 5051TCS

RaceKraft Props are made to perform and withstand todays rigorous FPV races. Combined with the unique color combinations, and resilient plastic combinations.

racekraft props

Each propeller model was designed specifically— here we will use the 5051 model to describe that process:

Despite it's simplistic appearance, the Racekraft 5051 was designed from the ground up to maximize efficiency at high rates of speed. Custom Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs were developed to design the RK 5051. A Vortex Lattice Method was used to develop the flow around the propeller which performance estimates can be derived from. Viscous effects are accounted for using airfoil 2D section data gathered from NACA databases or derived from using 2D airfoil programs such as XFOIL. A design for maximum efficiency is ensured by manipulating blade geometry to meet the Betz condition. Betz condition requires each shedding vortex at each station along the blade needs to shed off as a perfect helical screw. This condition allows convergence on one blade geometry for one design point. Our CFD program takes in inputs to produce the geometry of the propeller. These inputs are speed of the multirotor, RPMs, Power, angle incidence with the flow, number of blades, and diameter. The optimum geometry from the program is then inputted into a CAD software and a 3D solid model is drawn. 

triblade 5051

This design process allows for the design of propellers optimum for certain use cases. The RK 5051 prop model was made specifically for the multirotor racer, when a fast propeller with control up at high rates of speed is needed. A Racer’s propeller also needs to be extremely durable and not break when hitting other racers in the air or gates to stay in the air longer. The RK 5051 is designed to operate at 60 mph at 40 degree incidence with the flow at roughly half throttle with a 2205 - 2206 2300kv motor. 

racekraft propellers 5051

The number 5051 is derived from the propellers diameter (5.0”) and the propellers advance ratio (J = 0.51) which results in the 5051 indicator. "Advance ratio" is used over the conventionally used "static pitch" since static pitch is rather meaningless in the design process. Advance ratio is the ratio of the speed the multirotor is moving at to the top speed of the propeller. The design is optimum to a specific advance ratio, in this case 0.51. This tells the customer the intended purpose of the propeller. Higher advance ratios will be optimum for faster flying scenarios, compared to a low advance ratio which will be more optimum for lower speed flying.

The RK 5051 will give you the power, control, and durability you need to win a race.


Why use propellers from any other manufacturer?

Come in and pick up your Racekraft props at BTV Drones today- open from 3-8pm M-F and 12-6pm on Saturdays.


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Your Personal Self-Flying Photographer: Hover Camera Passport Drone

Auto-Follow & Truly Autonomous Flight

Auto-Follow & Truly Autonomous Flight

Using face detection technology, Hover Camera Passport can track your face or body and accompany your journey. 
For truly smartphone-free flying, Hover Camera Passport’s “Owner Mode” feature autonomously finds you and
follows you right out of the box.

Portable, Safe & Lightweight

Portable, Safe & Lightweight

Hover Camera Passport folds up to a
travel-friendly size that can easily fit into a small bag
 or purse, perfectly compact for capturing
your moments on-the-go.

Unlike drones, Hover Camera Passport’s enclosed carbon fiber form factor enables you to safely
grab it mid-air, and with the additional factor that it weighs in at a mere
242 grams, meaning you don’t need to be registered to use it in some regions.

A Brand New User Experience

A Brand New User Experience

A fresh User Interface designed for ease-of-use. 
No prior flying experience needed.

Snap photos using hand gestures, not your phone.

Hover Camera Passport is famous for its unique and outstanding product design,and has won a number of top design prizes throughout the world.

foldable hover drone


  • 4K Video & 13MP Photos.
  • Foldable & portable - easily fits into your backpack or purse
  • Lightweight - under 0.52 pounds, no FAA registration required
  • Easy-to-use & intuitive - no experience required
  • Compatible with your iPhone or Android phone
  • Capture precious moments from unique perspectives
  • Follows you autonomously
  • Safe design, thanks to a full carbon fiber enclosure
  • Capture breathtaking panoramic videos up to 360 degrees

Burlington Vermont Premiere Aerial Solutions

BTV Drones is a full service drone aerial photography and video service. We assist our clients in a wide range of projects depending on their needs. We offer full project conceptualization, on site production, and full post editing including color correcting, logo/branding, and royalty free music for all audiences.


  • Real Estate
  • Private Events (weddings, ceremonies, parties)
  • Construction Auditing
  • Property Inspections


.:Project Briefing:.

First we gather all the information from the client and the needs they may have, which includes locations, subject(s) of focus, file formats and video lengths


.:On-Site Production:.

We visit the site location to capture all required photo and video assets request by the clients. Typically a shot list is presented to arrange the angles and views required.


.:Post-Production Editing:.

Then we sort and label all content captured during the shoot. All photos are cropped & color corrected for final approval. While video clips are color corrected, cut/edited together with audio for the final product.



All project media is sent to the client using a file transfer service at full high definition quality. Any edits or changes needed to the final photos and videos will be corrected upon the clients request.


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